free ford shock tower I think . . .

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Aug 15, 2005
Lemoore, CA (south of Fresno) / Cortes Island, B.C
I had to cut off my brand new ford shock mount to mount up my steering box. I think the only way I can use it is if I cut it down the center and try to weld it up. So at this point, I think the only thing that will fit in the space and keep my shock in a fairly upright position to my axle is to use some type of round stock. Nothing like having two different shock mounts.

Unless I can come up with some way to use it, I have a free brand new ford mount (some grooving and gashed from cutting it off but I can fill it for you with my arc welder if you want) for club members that are looking for some longer travel shocks for thier 40 series. You'll still need to by another one, but it will save you 20 bucks.

I would love to trade for about 2'ish of maybe 1.5" fairly thick round stock to fab up a mount, but not needed.

Let me know if you want it.

I'll bring it with me to the inspection 4 you. Maybe you can cut off my old box mount for me while at your shop :)

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