Free flow exhaust

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Apr 15, 2007
Botswana Africa
We have no emmisions control where I live, and so am considering fitting a free flow exhaust onto my FJ62 3F.
Any opinions ? Is it a good idea? Could it have any adverse effects, besides annoying the neighbours.?
What ya think?:rolleyes:
make sure you keep the O2 sensors but other then that it should be fine. I am thinking about doing the same.
Yeah thanks
Never tought about the sensors good advice!
And Stainless Steel is the way to go right?

It would be heavier but it wouldnt rust. But it should work fine. Post up some pics if you finish it so I can see how you did it.
Just got new tags and decided to free up the exhaust. Saved the sensors and ran it without a cat. Flowmaster muffler and she growls like a loud kitten.
By the time the tags expire I'll have a new motor dropped in...
Im gonna redo my exhaust this weekend (if everything goes well), its gonna be 2" from the manifolds into a 2 1/2" collector with a thrush muffler. Its gonna be interesting trying the make the cuts in the ubends straight with no chop saw or anything.....
No cat, 2.5 inch, turbo, stainless. All is good.
No tripped codes at all as long as you keep your O2 sensors. A free flow exhaust (as much straight pipe as possible and muffler) helps a little. No real gains other than that. It does however sound like its got a V8.
Got several PM's about what I did. Used a 2:1 Y-pipe to segway the exhausts. Single 2.5" inlet and single 2.5" outlet muffler. Got rid of the cats completely. Kept it as straight as possible, and dumped it to the side.:grinpimp:
some pics:

I've seen some exhaust cut outs that can be install before the CAT and can mechanically or electronically opened on the fly. You can run a open or closed (stock) setup that way.

I might go for something like just for fun.
Yeah, they are meant for SHORT runs. You can really mess up your valves running wide open like that constantly.

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