Free fj40 parts

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Oct 2, 2007
I parted out an FJ40 and am sick of the rest of the parts lying around. I think the frame and body are a 1961. Nothing is in perfect shape but free is a good price.
Here is a list of parts I still have.

gas tank
rusted tub
front end
and some misc. small stuff.
I also have a
munsie 4 speed and adapter to 351 ($100) and the early split hood ($50)

I live in medford.
:hmm: The possibilities....

no, no the :princess: would kill me.
I'll take two.:D

That IS a good price!
I have a 71 fj40, do you think the 62 stuff would work on it or are they too different? I'll take the stuff anyway just because I could use it for wall decorations in my new shop. I'm in Medford near delta waters, where you at?
Most of the stuff could be adapted.
OK... I put it together- I went by your dad's and looked at the tub. I told him it wouldn't work for me. Glad to see you on here, you need to go on a run with us! Oh, wait, so do I!
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