For Sale FREE! Exhaust headers & catalytic converters 97 FZJ80

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Mar 24, 2013
Santa Monica, CA
United States
Free, up for grabs. I have a take-off long tube headers with the primary and secondary catalytic convertor. I had a bad O2 sensor, but just decided to swap everything over to Magnaflow. Original cats have 200K miles, but look great. Nothing broken, nothing rattling. California car, so little to no corrosion. They are either going in a dumpster or going to a new home. If interested, PM or text me. I'm in Diamond Bar, CA. Jim. 310-597-6091.
I believe it is only illegal to sell used cats in CA. I don't think there is any issue since the OP is simply giving it away.
In the Peoples Republic of Kali and some other states like NY a shop cannot install used cats on a vehicle. Those of us who live in states where there are no vehicle inspections are more fortunate.
Hi ,

If "adventurers" is not taking them, I will (paying for shipping to 98230 Blaine WA);

Blaine? My wife and her whole family is from Blaine! Go the Passtime!
I SAID my wife's from Blaine.... Nothing? You must be new Blaine people. Huh.
Cats are gone. Shipped out this AM. Regarding legality of installing used cats, I think you'd have trouble defending the moral high-ground of installing functional emissions equipment on any vehicle to bring it back into compliance. If it passes smog, it passes. Don't let excellence be the enemy of good.

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