Free active VVDI2 (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip function

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    VVDI2 (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip Authorization is released now!If you have VVDI2 full version,you can get (VT-01)Prepare Toyota H chip free.Activate H in xhorse update kit software self service system.If your vvdi2 is not full version,buy (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip Authorization from us.This blog displays VVDI2 Full customer how to activate H chip authorization free.

    How to know your VVDI2 is Full version or not?

    Please check device information,if your VVDI2 has the four following authorization,it is Full version.

    VB-01 (VVDI2 BMW OBD)

    VB-02 (VVDI2 BMW CAS4)

    VV-01(VAG 4TH )

    VV-02(VAG 5th)


    How to Activate (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip Authorization?

    1.Please connect VVDI2 with computer well.

    2.Start Xhorse Upgrate kit software, select VVDI2,and click find device.


    3.You can Click System Point >>View My bonus Points or Binding,then go to self service system.


    4.Login your account on Customer Self Service website.If not use before,register firstly.

    5.Select Activate H


    6.After process activate,please wait 30 minutes,update vvdi2 firmware in xhorse update kit software.

    7.Prepare Toyota H chip authorization is OK.

    This is from to Activate (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip Authorization?
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