Free 4 speed transmissions and transfer

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Cleaning the garage and getting down to floor level- finally. Found two 4 speed transmission, probably vintage 76-78, with transfer cases still attached. Transmissions are complete and good, transfer cases have had some parts robbed off them. I assume the internals are fine but no guarantees at this price. There may be a vac shift three speed case to go along free, too- I believe this one has good internals, too. Will not ship- period. Free to anyone who can pick them up here in northeast PA this week- if they're still here next weekend I'm tossing them. Again, no guarantees, no warranties, scot free to whoever can come get them. I can load into a pickup truck or onto a trailer with my chain hoist. I'm about a half hour from either Rausch Creek or Paragon (RIP). Shmukster
I would be interested in the 4 speed transfer case linkages from the transfer cases. If no one is interested before you sc*** them I would pay the shipping
Hay How you doing I will take one of those can pick up this weekend. 3/28 or some nite after work. The rear end I got from you worked out good. THANX drop me a e-mail let me know if we can do this.
got any extra t-case top covers you'd be willing to ship?
i'll take it all


i emailed you earlier today . i can use it all. my son lives near you in orrwigsburg . less than thirty miles . let me know and i will have him pick it all up my phone no is 315 691 2459 , email
smitty w/ fj55
transfers and transmissions

Looks like John Merkey is picking the stuff up tomorrow. Will post up if John gets the parts or if he doesn't Thanks, gary

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