For Sale Fredericksburg, Va FJ40 Garage Clean Out

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May 22, 2018
Fredericksburg, Va
I’ve decided I will be selling off most if not all of my stock on the shelves. I’ll continue to add to this for sale page until it’s all gone. Once it’s gone I’m gone for good. Thanks everyone.

-Rear hatch struts: SOLD
-Seats: SOLD
-Front Turn Signals ( Brand New) FJ40 75’-84 / SOLD
-Steering Wheels / SOLD
-Horn Buttons/ SOLD
Steering column with cover and turn signal switch / $75
- Door catches/ $75 shipped for one. $150/ pair
-Toyota Radio / SOLD
- 78’ Wiring Harness / SOLD
- Roll Bar / 300 picked up
-Fuel Evap with cover and one way vent/ $100 Shipped
-Wiper motor with arms / SOLD
- Rear Quarter Panel Side indicators/ SOLD
- Zinc Chromate coated Fuel Filler neck/ $100 shipped
-Hood Hinges with hardware and rubber pads. / SOLD
-Front upper apron fenders emblems/ SOLD
- Switch assembly cable ignition or starter/ SOLD
- Windshield retainer knobs/ SOLD
Cylinder & Key Set, Ignition Switch Lock/ SOLD
Front bumpers. $45 shipped for a pair. One set sold. One set available

OEM Toyota 79-84 Land Cruiser BJ40 FJ40 Rear License Plate Lamp Light 8127060101/ SOLD

-Hardtop with ambulance doors/ SOLD
-(2) Brand new FJ40 Wheels /$85 each picked up.
-Angled jump seats/ $275 a pair picked up.

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