Freaking A intake/exhaust leak.....square part above flap

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Jan 27, 2009
Soooooo I am working on trying to replace a leaking gasket on the exhaust and I am about fed up....the gasket has 5 holes and is square.....the place I am looking doesnt appear to have more than two bolts....I moved the oil filter and got those two and now I cant find the other three so I can replace this stupid gasket and get my FJ running right....HELP PLEASE

heres a pic of it removed, the heat riser plate shows the pattern too
how do I get to the back 3 bolts? and does mine take 2 gaskets or 1?

I dont know if there is a trick to it but after looking at mine it appears the best way would be pull the carb and the plate under that then you would have free access to the bolts on top---I could touch all the nuts underneath but mine has a header now and a liquid heat riser plate

when I pulled mine I had it removed from the engine
ok riddle me this.....mine only has 3 bolt holes and is kinda square..........instead of rectangle I will throw up a camera phone pic.
what year had this manifold? I have one coming from toyota in 4 days to get here but if I can find one at advance auto that would be good any Ideas?
freaking got the gasket in last night and I think something is warped because it is def still leaking now out the side.....PITA I am prob going to put a header on it.
FYI, you had a gasget for 75 and up settup, on the 2F. What you have is a 1F, but I bet you figured that out.

They do warp. I have been taking it all off, installing the gasket between the intake and exhaust manifolds, and then hoping that the holes will fit together properly for the studs on the head. Mine is way off on the back three cylinders, so some gentle persuasion is needed to get it on the studs and tightened down. I have also had trouble with the bolts lossening up and letting that area leak after the fact.

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