"Frankensteined" 93 FJ80

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Jan 5, 2019
Carbondale, CO
Long story short....
Was able to pick up a 93 fj80 for $2K. Definitely has problems. My dash shows D2L while my shifting column shows D32L. Not only does it seem to have a different shifting column but it also does not gear or shift well. For example if I have it just in drive or put it into 2nd it has trouble climbing and loses power. It will in a sense lag and then I will have the pedal floored, trying to get up just a normal hill on the road and then boom it redlines. Seems and feels like it skips a gear. Anyways I am at such a long as to what I really have going on and where to start. I have taken it to toyota and a transmission shop, where both have no idea what's going on. Toyota said it was "Frankenstein'd" and to cross reference every parts number on the truck.
If any of you guys can give just an iota of help that'd be awesome.
Post some pictures so we can see what you are talking about. most dealers don't know how to work on you reg. sound like it's starting in 2nd, could be the shift solenoids.
If it's a 93 it would be a FZJ 80 ;)
If you're having shifting problems on a FZJ80, two things to check first: Fluid and the Neutral Safety Switch (NSS) grey barrel connector located on the driver's side of engine in back. Need to remove driver's tire and inner fender guards to inspect. These are notorious for getting corroded and control the transmission gear selection.
Just a guess that the original transmission - A442F electronically controlled may have been replaced by a A440F hydraulically controlled unit from a 91-92 model. That would explain the need to replace the shifter. Do you have functioning CEL, OD Off, Power lights and is there an Overdrive on/off switch on the shifter and ECT dash switch?

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