For Sale France: LHD 1996 Troopy "Camping Car"

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Not my car, no affiliation, just saw the ad. Everybody wants a Troopy outfitted for "overlanding", and here's one that looks ready to go at not a terrible price. Seller claims 150k miles on it, no rust, well maintained, lots of maintenance already done, and it's outfitted for camping with a seemingly tidy layout and execution.

Listed price is 26000 Euro, which is about US$28000 today. The exchange rate is pretty good right now. Figure maybe $4-5k all-in to get it from seller's driveway in France to yours in the USA.

Here's the photos from the ad:


The seller's description is lengthy, and in French (of course), so here's a Google Translate version:

"TOYOTA HZJ 75, very good general condition, monitored and maintained, no costs to be expected, African model (air conditioning), 4.2 liter naturally aspirated diesel engine, 6 cylinders, distribution by cascades of gears, raid equipped, never crossings, used only for walks 4x4

Mechanical :
RACCOR 500 FG prefilter,snorkel,new distribution kit updated lubrication changes: engine, gearbox, transfer box, axle, new fluids: power steering, brakes, cooling filters updated: diesel, air, oil,2 tanks of 95 liters, tilting by solenoid valve on the dashboard,stainless steel exhaust lineTransmissions, braking: new steering ball joint4 new OME shock absorbers (Australian models),Reinforced front and rear blades (made to measure),BF GOODRICH tubeless tires mounted on 16 diameter chrome rims: new tires at the front, 20% wear at the rear and for the , 2 spare wheelsspare wheel mounted on pivoting wheel carrier, with 3 support pointsfront braking: new discs and padsrear braking: new linings2 new disengageable front hubs rebuilt power steering box

Bodywork and protections:
No corrosion, Chassis and under body treated, in perfect condition, 2 anti-rust coats plus anti-gravel chassis paintARB front bumper (with winch pre-wiring)Reinforced rear bumper with plate and tow hookReinforced side barsEngine cover mounted on hydraulic cylinderHI LIFT jack plus 1 hydraulic jack4 RHINO PACK roof bars

Electricity and accessories:.
TERATRIP (to be reassembled) Reversing camera with pre-wiring,2 BOSCH long-range headlights, new Dashboard voltmeter2 circuit breakers (engine batteries)1 circuit breaker for peripheralsInverter with remote control 1000 w, with splitter coupler on auxiliary battery, plus 2 220 V outlets on output1CB mounted on flexible support on the dashboard1 SONY radio and CD player1 map reading light2 cigarette lighter sockets1 compressor with remote control2 fire extinguishers1 brake light in height1 fog light1 interior LED lighting

Interior fittings and bivouac:
ENGEL compression fridge, 12 V power supply via cigarette lighter socket, or 220V mains socket.50 liter water tank, with remote control pump and circuit connecting the water heater system Water heater: autonomous and portable: gas supply (13 kg bottle), instantaneous production of hot water, external shower or tap, submerged pump for water supply.
Sound and thermal insulation / Ceiling: aluminum and wood plywood / Floor: 1 rubber layer, 1 wood floor, 1 plastic covering / Sides: aluminum sandwich
6 made-to-measure boxes in wood and aluminum profiles, lids mounted on cylinders, complete covering system for the rear cell allowing an extra bed, 3 folding shelves, including 2 on the rear doors All joinery done by a professional.2 Citroën BX fabric seats, adjustable backs and seats, (the original seats provided)MAGIOLINA roof tent, sleeping 2 places, with mosquito nets on 4 openings and built-in roof ladderAlso provided: a complete YATOO set (served twice), including: an outdoor shelter/tent, an indoor living space with mosquito nets, a connection airlock System allowing the tent to be left on site in bivouac. (see website)."

If you're interested and unfamiliar with how to go about importing a car yourself, everything you need to know is here:

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Sep 23, 2017
Seems impossible to contact them without creating an account, which in turn requires a French phone number.

Unless your French is perfect, I'm not sure I'd recommend you do it that way anyway.

In the "how to import" thread I linked above, there's contact info for a Belgian guy who can act as your agent in Europe. That's his business. He speaks French (and German, Dutch, and English) and he'll make all the arrangements to buy the car for you and get it on a ship for the US. Not for free, of course, but it sure makes it easy. I've made use of his services for some of my imports, and it has always gone well.

To save you going through the entire import thread to find it, here's the Belgian guy's webpage:


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