For Sale FRANCE: LHD 1987 BJ73 w/ FRP only 112k miles, orig paint

Vehicle Model
  1. 70 Series
Beaumont, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes France
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Not mine, no affiliation, but someone needs this truck--it looks like it could be a real nice one. 1987 BJ73, so has left hand drive, a naturally aspirated 3B diesel and H55 5-speed manual transmission. Only 181,000km's from new, which is about 112k miles. Seller's description is brief:

"I am selling my Toyota land cruiser, perfect condition bodywork and interior,
low mileage in view of the large 3.8l
(should read 3.4 liter) naturally aspirated engine"

Based on the decals and unpainted fender beading, I'd wager the paint is original. No rust readily apparent, though I'd want to confirm that prior to purchase. VERY difficult to find trucks this age in the condition this one seems to be in. Brush guard/bull bar isn't to my taste, and I'd lose the trailer hitch, but other than that it looks like an original, unmolested truck.

Asking price is 15,000 Euro, which is just under $18,000 today. Budget around another $5k and maybe two months to get it from the seller's driveway to yours. Importing is easier than you might think for cars like this one that are all original and over 25 years old. No French language skills required. PM me for info on how, or see my extensive thread in the "importing" section of 'Mud.

The ad is here:

A few photos for posterity:

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