Frame sliders

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Jul 14, 2005
Colorado Springs, Co
While running 21 road in grand junction yesterday I bent one of the mount arms on my left slider. It bent up and back. I am trying to decide if I should repair it or just weld the slider to the body. I was wondering if anyone out there has them welded and how well it works. I am looking for some ideas either way. thanks
Pics or not, I say it would be far easier to repair the one 'mount arm' than to weld the slider to the body.
If you do one side, it stand sto reason you would do the other side to match. Lots of work.

Welding to the body is very possible, and when done right, is quite strong. However, it's also easy to make it look like pigeon poop and adhere about as well.
I will try and get some pictures up. I already pulled them off and cut the arms off the left one. I noticed that using 2x3" square seemed like it was to tall. And I was loosing clearance. What size or height is best for sliders? I have not cut the body to put them on. Mine were built to go around the lower lip and up against the body. Worked great but maybe a little low. Any thoughts?
Are you willing to cut into the body or no? If not, then that's about as high as you're going to get. If you don't mind cutting the body, then you can cut out the rockers and gain about 6" of clearance by having the sliders go straight out from the frame instead of down and around the rocker.

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