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Sep 10, 2005
United States
Hello there,

I am looking for a solid FJ40 frame (preferably 78 and up but I could make an earlier frame work). It needs to be relatively rust free and mechanically solid. I live in Ontario, Canada but I am willing to travel (within reason) to get one. Thanks for your help.

i have a 62' frame with tag and title. it is sitting under a 77' right now. it has fab done for a shackle reversal, power steering, mid crossmember moved to fit a 5 spd, rear channel replcaed also. it has been in restoration for a while and i changed gears to do a 45 lv. selling off the 40 parts. this is in salt lake city utah.
There are a couple guys in Vermont and New Hampshire who might be able to help you out.

Poor Wally's Land Cruiser Emporium - VT

Cruiserparts.net - NH (I think)

Cruiser Solutions - NH

I realize that's still a long way from Ontario.
Thanks guys.

I have been in contact with colangut and if I can get shipping worked out in time it seems like a good deal (I haven't seen pictures yet though).

I have come to the realization that if I want a decent frame I am going to have to get one shipped up from the southwest...all the frames (and everything else pretty much) is garbage up here from what I can tell after about 4 months of searching.

I will look into those places JJS.

Thanks guys. I am still open to any other options...just keep me in mind when you come across something.

I have an 81bj42 frame in Toronto, I also have a good low milegae 2f motor. contact me if you still need . Thx

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