SOLD Fountain Hills, AZ: 1982 Toyota 4x4 Hilux shortbed

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Vehicle Model
  1. Minitruck
United States
1982 4x4 shortbed. For sale in Fountain Hills AZ.

Carbureted 22R, 5-speed, A/C, manual steering
Lots of new parts OEM when available

Runs great. Starts easily when cold, electric choke works as expected. Drives, stops, shifts, just fine. It's not perfect, it's a 38 year old truck.

No idea on the mileage. When I bought it, the speedo/odometer was broken. Swapped out the cluster with another cluster from an 82/83, while it was out all the gauges were tested, bulbs replaced, plastic cleaned and polished, etc.

First the bad:
3"/4" Rough Country lift installed by the PO right before I bought it. So new shocks as well. The rear lift is very old school as it's in full "stink-bug" mode. Remove a rear leaf and it would be level.
Tires are all the same size, 33-12.50x15 mud terrains, one tire is new (Big O Mud Claw) the others are all mismatched, 2 Pro Comp MTs and a BFG MT).
Interior needs some love. Home made door panel on drivers' side, nothing on passenger side. Drivers' seat torn and worn. Passenger seat is nice, though.
Dash pad cracked.
No gas pedal, they are unobtainium and can't even find a used one. It works OK without it.
Repainted. Original color is tan or beige, resprayed two-stage black. Clear coat is bubbling in places.
Dent in roof.
Some rust perforation in the bed, but no rust anywhere else.

The good:
Runs very good. Doesn't overheat, starts and idles just fine.
All gauges and lights work (even the dome light)
Lots of new parts: Battery, battery cables, all new vacuum lines and coolant hoses, marker lights, temp and fuel sender, fuel pump, soft fuel lines, lots more misc underhood rubber pieces, inside rear view mirror, window weatherstrip, all new marker lights and lenses (not tail lights)
Original bucket seats
Original AM/FM stereo radio (haven't tested it)
Dash face is clean and unmolested. Thanks to the Toyota gods the PO didn't hack the dash when he installed a new radio which was in the glovebox.

Asking $6500





More pics

82 4x4 b.jpg



On the way to Hawaii...


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