Found this at my local hobby store

Jul 3, 2006
Fort Apache: Victoria
Hey, you're in good company:

That's a lucky find. They are very hard to come by!

My local shop also had one, but when i got it home it was missing the "glass" tree. I should have kept it for parts, but for $40 I figured I'd take my money back and keep looking.

And eventually I did find another kit on ebay, but I paid through the nose for it.

Mine is almost finished, but I'm waiting for a buddy with an airbrush to colour-match the body to my real 80. Once that's done and I find some scale 35" m/t tires, she'll be complete.

BTW, I'm not using my roof-rack or roof lights, so make offers!
Feb 10, 2004
Tara Ontario
s***, i never knew they were hard ti find, i walked into my lcal shop and saw this one...bought it wna aked bac out...i wanted the sport model though and couldn;t find it...

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