Found some unobtanium! New OEM H41 gear set.

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Mar 14, 2003
A good friend in Europe got a hold of me a few weeks back and informed me that he had found a stash of goodies ..... brand new NOS OEM complete gear sets for H41 transmissions still in the original packaging.

Couldn't believe it!!!

I purchased two of them and had them sent over here via UPS, neither of which was cheap.

We're going to install one set in an FJ45 that does Rubicon once a year amongst other trails.

Exciting stuff!!!

Georg @ Valley Hybrids & Cruiser Brothers
I think it’s been asked before and the answer was no, but I’ll ask again, are h41 gears compatible with an h42 case?

Either way, that’s a pretty amazing find!
Yes they are. There are 2 generations; pre and post 1986.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids & Cruiser Brothers
Won't that be three sets, the early one that ended 7/80?

So which generation were these? Assume for the split transfer case. Believe some of these would work in the H55F if from the same year range?
The first generation h41 parts are long gone ...... very very difficult to find parts other than rebuild kits and synchros.

The parts I have here are for the 19 spline version so 8/80 and up to 86.
The input gear is a 10-spline, 26-tooth unit with the 40mm bearing ID.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids & Cruiser Brothers

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