Found some backroads possibilities.........


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Feb 17, 2004
Clemson, South Carolina
After wasting quit a few hours googleing I finally found a site with some good info on backroads and Forest Service roads in NC, TN, GA............. it is actually a dualsport motor cycle site! It lists a couple of senic drives and even a few that might be off-road worthy, but just about all of them meet the kind of trip plan for our extended weekend camping trip idea.

I believe the one titled "rough butt road" is the road Alex found for our expedition if not it is in the same area.

There are quit a few rides here I would like to look into over the next several months if any one you guys are up for exploring.

Also me and the prez talked about day trips in the coming months/weeks to explore Joecasse and the "hushhole".......... here locally like on a sat. or sun.

anyways I am dying for some cruiser adventures :cheers:

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