Found Landcruiser bj45 - advice wanted

Feb 11, 2006
I'm a new member of this forum. Amazing amount of info here at!
Recently I found a Landcruiser BJ45 in a barn doing nothing, and eventhough I was looking for a 40-series cruiser I am now thinking perhaps I should buy this pickup instead. It's from 1984 and have only run for 80000 kilometers (approx. 50000 miles?....correct me if I'm wrong,please), in very good shape.
Surfing around the net I have found some advice about buying a Landcruiser bj40/42 but nothing about the 45. Similar as they are, is there anything specific about the bj45 I should look for, any hidden weak points?
And last, what is a reasonable price for this pickup? I like the look of it to much, I might end up paying to much, really. I don't think they are common here in Sweden, much easier to find the landcruiser 75 pickups (and Hilux of course, but as useful as they are the Hilux doesn't trigger my "desire" :))
I hope the attached picture will come through good.
(english isn't my native language, I apologize for any strange wordings)

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Apr 24, 2003
Southwest Oregon
that rig would a waste in LA, send it to Oregon, not quite as grand as sweden but beautiful and still plenty of good clean air!

Watch out for rust and body filler, Not many weak points on a 45 unless you want comfort or speed. A rig like that depending on actual condition would bring $5000 US to $20000 in the right shape and market. Good luck and keep us posted!
Jan 24, 2003
Columbia, MO
Not many weak points. Look for rust. Might be worth having a diesel mechanic look at the motor. Land Cruiser diesels are a raity here in the US, but there is a diesel forum inside ih8mud here, and at

Great truck, but it of course:)

Price will be very variable, depending on your local market, and what the seller thinks it's worth. Compare to FJ40 models in your area, and expect to spend a little more.
Dec 27, 2005
St Looey, MO
Bee-yooutiful, but...

Just make sure you aren't too tall to fit into the cab. I am 6'2, and have a tough time on long distance trips, thus I don't do that. Just something to consider! Good luck!

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