Wanted FOUND! Four Speed Transmission, Boise, ID

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Jan 21, 2014
Ketchum, Idaho
United States
FOUND FOUND FOUND, no longer on the hunt.

Hello MUD

My auto is going out in the FJ62 and I've decided to change to a manual transmission. In search of a later-model (80's) four speed in/near the Boise area. Might consider something further away if the price is right.

I will use my existing split case, though I'll also need clutch pieces and pedal, on the off chance you have that laying around too. Lemme know!

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I've got two in the backyard from late FJ60s you can have for free, but I'm in So. Cal. Both were running fine when removed for 5 spd install. One has the top plate removed. The other was removed from a truck with 130K miles.

They've been in a covered area, covered with a tarp, but even in So Cal things rust. Been about 6-7 years. Like I said freeeee.... If you can arrange a MUD ship, they're here.... I can't lift or ship them alone. Wife won't help.

If you can find someone to MUDship the trans from Spike, I have a pedal bucket in the 82 I’m parting out you can have with it.
do you need the other parts also? bellhousing, crossmember, driveshafts in addition to the peddle bucket, clutch fork, throw out hub
do you need the other parts also? bellhousing, crossmember, driveshafts in addition to the peddle bucket, clutch fork, throw out hub

I'm just now getting my arms around the whole swap, and am somewhat ignorant to what is required. As this is not incredibly urgent I thought I'd drop some lines in the water - really appreciate the responses. My thinking:

  • Bellhousing: I need one, yes.
  • Driveshafts: Unneeded, I'll plan to modify my stock ones (similar mods on my FJ55 w/ H55 swap ran me ~$120 locally, hell of a deal)
  • Pedal Bucket: I need one, yes.
  • Throw Out Hub, Bearing, and Fork: I might have these in my pile. I'll go with a new (purchased) clutch itself, of course.
  • Clutch Master and Slave: I'll need one.
  • Hard Lines: I'll fabricate.

I'd noticed that 4-speeds pop up on here from time to time for free or close-to-free... it'd be grand if I could slowly amass the required components without too much cash out of pocket. My thoughts anyways.


if you are going to use the 3F bellhousing and 1 piece crossmember, the fork for the 3F bellhousing is different than the normal 4 speed bellhousing.
@Spike Strip , @65swb45... where are you both located? A fellow MUDDER is soon to make a trip to Studio City area & Apple Valley. Is that near-ish to either of you?
My shop s 4 miles from studio city. Do you have a timeframe? I am in and out of the shop a lot these days.
I have a question that could be answered here. Thinking of doing a H55F in my FJ62. My question is what pedal bucket do I need. What I have learned is there are two different part numbers. Most markets seem to only get a H55F from 11/84 on. I show from 11/84-4/85 a part number that matches earlier number for US market. 4/85-7/87 have a new number that matches the 11/84+ for other markets. Am I right in that a 4/85+ with the longer transmission is the bucket needed? The 11/84 is the start of the 3F in most markets and rotates the transmission. While we got the 2F until the start of the FJ62 (8/87) the switch to the 3F bellhousing was 4/85 in the US.

Brought this up thinking may help the OP as well.
I think it is an excellent question John. I know nothing about FJ60 pedal buckets, so I don’t know the answer.

I do know that there are two different clutch master cylinders, with two different bolt patterns. So if the buckets provide the threaded bosses to mount the master, they would be different for that reason.
I’m going to take a WAG that with the umber of 5 speed conversions Georg has done, he knows the answer to this question.
I have an early one Pre 85 FJ60. I have the bellhousing as well. Come down this weekend if you want to look. I also have a an almost like new clutch for it.
FOUND. Had a great chat with @ginericLC last night. He's just down the road from me and has essentially everything I need. Thanks everyone, and I really appreciate the 'free' offers from SoCal.



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