For Sale Found FJ60- 70k miles

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1985 FJ60, 70k Miles. I was looking for an FJ to build. Through word of mouth, I found this 1985 FJ60. It is 100% original other than the AC has been upgraded to R134a, the left front fender appears to have been repainted at some point, and the front bumper has been replaced with an older oem FJ60 bumper. I have posted a bunch of initial pictures, but have not cleaned it up completely, yet. I have removed the skid plate and changed all the fluids, and am about to start pressure washing it. It is actually pretty clean now, there seems to be no rust, other than one little row of bubbles at the bottom of the tailgate.

Might accept partial trade of a running builder, or rig. any fj.

I have decided this FJ60 is too nice to build a rig out of, and want to know if anyone has any interested it. Here are the pictures.


Shreveport, LA.

I have a 1994 fzj land cruiser with (lowish) 155k miles.......and have a spare locked rear axle would make a great trail rig with working a/c and cloth front seats. Much cheaper to build than a 60 series-coils/35s or 37s and some armor and you are good to go.

that is a neat rig with very low miles.. good luck on your sale.. i know your trying to make some money but the 60s runs just as well with 200k than 70k i would considering lowering the price a little if you want a quick sale out of it.. i have seen some with 190k with cleaner conditions go for around 15 with a lift and many upgrades go around 10-12 and i think you will have it gone faster... cool find!
you might want to take a look at the rear hatch from the inside....row of rust bubbles along the bottom, that statement makes me nervous. These tend to rust from the inside out. I'd also second that you're quite a bit high on the price. For $16K I'd want zero rust, all original paint and all original parts.....that's a time capsule price you have listed. honestly don't see it being over $10K max, but as everyone knows opinions are like assholes, we all have them and they all stink. GLWS.
That's a really nice looking $6500 rig.


After looking at the pictures very closely, I would say $6,500 is very generous. I think you are more in the $3-4,000 range.
The truck is far from a time capsule. The interior has a good amount of flaws, as does the body. Also you may want to look into replacing your clutch master cylinder as it looks like it is leaking, or at least the seal is wet.
Not trying to be rude or obnoxious, just being honest.



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