Found Diff Lock axles!!!

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Mar 29, 2007
Northwest Arkansas
I've located some Diff Lock axles out of a wrecked 97 LX450 at a local salvage yard!

I'm going to check them out tomorrow, and hopefully bring them home with me.

They said the LX only had 75000 miles on it, so my chances are good of these being the perfect axles for my 91.


If this is a pick-n-pull, then you should try to get the wiring harness for the F&R diff locks. Your '91 will not have the wiring. All LX's (even those w/o diff locks) have the front and rear harness. We believe all US spec 93-97 Land Cruisers have the front harness and the dash wiring for the switch.

Good find. Pull the radiator for me. And antenna switch, and front calipers. I'll make it worth it for ya.
I will get all of the wiring and ECU and diff lock switch.

As for the radiator, i will let you know the condition. (i've not seen how the vehicle was wrecked yet) and the antenna switch shouldnt be a problem.

BUT, i will be needing those front calipers... lol

They said they will pull the axles for me, and whatever else i need, but i'm gonna go through it and see what i can pull myself for a cheaper price.

So far, im looking at spending about 3 times the price of my FJ80 on these axles... $1500


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