Found Clutch Booster.....I think.

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Dec 10, 2008
Benders, OZ.
After searching for hour upon hour and emailing china for the the last 10 days I think I have found a source for a BJ74 clutch booster.

My p/n is...... #31440-60070
The one I found is #31440-60100

Judging by photos and dimensions of the unit there doesn't seem to be any difference.

I used toyodiy to compare the clutch booster from a HZJ79(60100) and a BJ74(60070). They look the same to me. Hope so anyway.....

The part was $10 USD (they make things so cheap). The freight from china was the killer, $60 USD. So for $90 Australian I get a new clutch booster. About $600 cheaper than OEM.

I'll let you no how the change over goes. I've got used to the heavy clutch now and I quite like the feel of it. From what others have said it might be a bit of a b*tch to get the old booster out but it will be nice to have everything working properly on the truck.

Hope the chinese parts aren't to cheap and nasty!

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Hey BJ,

Haven't got the booster yet but I'll post when I do the install.
Has your booster pack it in?


It's not completely gone but its on its way out. Sometimes you can hear it leaking air at an idle. Pedal gets stiff and it wont shut off. However if I hold the clutch pedal just right it will stop leaking and the vacuum pressure builds up allowing it to shut off
I'll let u know how it goes. I pulled the vac line to the clutch and plugged it to get everything else working. When funds allow I let you know how it turns out. I think its a fair job to get it out. Gotta remove the steering column i thinks. Wont know to i start the change over tho.

I had to pull the clutch booster out of my BJ74, because the master cylinder was leaking, and clutch fluid had dribbled into the booster. It was a sh!t of a thing to get out, I had to take out the foot pedals but I don't remember having to take out the steering column. Once I got it out I tipped it up and poured out about 100ml of clutch fluid, and sent the cylinder off for a recon - I wasn't able to source a clutch master cylinder in Australia. Put it all back together and it's been fine since, about 2 years.

Thanks Peter,

I'm still driving round with the booster not working. So far I have a few options.

1. Do as you did: Get a rebuilt from the local clutch & brake shop @ $150
2. Import one from china. I found a source but I'm not sure about the quality. @ $90
3. Get secondhand from the wrecker. @ $150 Not sure about this option as it could pack it in at any time.

I haven't noticed that I'm losing clutch fluid so I think the master cylinder is ok. I think I will replace it at the same time to tho. I found a clutch master from FJ75, HJ75, FZJ75, HZJ75 Landcruiser Spare Parts, Accessories @ $212 pretty expensive as it is pretty much the same as any other clutch master. The difference is the clutch line comes out the side and there is a bolt hole for the turbo shield to bolt on to.

I think I'm going to get the Chinese one next week unless these guys can do something for me. National Truck Spares | Truck Parts | Parts

Okie Dokes,

I ordered the clutch booster today. Here is a link to where I got it:
TOYOTA CLUTCH BOOSTER Manufacturer exporting direct from China

Looks to me like the BJ74 booster. It was also used in the HZJ75.
Check out OpenX and have a look at the clutch booster for the 1986 BJ74 and 1996 HZJ75 There is a slightly different part number but essentially the same unit. The 31440-60100 is used in current cruisers with the clutch booster right up to the 2007 models.

Hope it fits anyways. Won't know till I get the booster from china.


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Not sure if anyone recalls, but Lowenbrau used his clutch without assist and eventually tore out part of the pedal mount due to stress.
Not sure if anyone recalls, but Lowenbrau used his clutch without assist and eventually tore out part of the pedal mount due to stress.

This has been sticking in the back of my mind and why I want to get the booster asap. How long does TNT take from China I wonder? Should only be a couple more days.

I have been checking the pedal mount and no stress fractures yet. It is very thin tho.

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