Found an FJ-55

Jan 19, 2004
Greer, SC
Some you newer guys may not know it but we have been missing a cruiser from the club for while. My good friend , fraternity brother and cruiser head brother (he's the one who opened my eyes to Land Cruisers) Jeff Busby's white '72 FJ55 dubbed "The White Rhino". It has been away at a buddies of his getting restored for I don't know 3 maybe 4 years?? Well I went to visit the other day and there she was in the driveway. Here is a pic of the ole beauty. Have had some good times exlporin' the backroads of the Carolinas in this old pig. See ya'll soon.

Upstate Cruisers
'84 FJ60 "Mongo"
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Jan 2, 2003
Dweller on the Threshold
White Rhino

WOW! Dang it Jeff, the wait was worth it! :beer:
I sure hope the stooges make the Pig-a-thon.
Hey Mike able to make it? That would be
fantastic. Stooges meet the Mafia.....sounds like a movie. :)
Mongo.....if you are coming be sure to bring the club banner
for party pics to post here on ih8mud.
We'll need some stickers for any newbies brave enough to join this crowd.
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