Found an '82 BJ62 diesel, should I buy?

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Jun 3, 2012
Folsom, CA
Hey guys, I'm a noob but I've been searching on this website for information for a while. Really can't express how much useful info can be found here! Anyways, I found this 1982 bj62 for sale near me. It's a B-series diesel (assuming a B3?) and I've read nothing but good things about that engine. I have a few questions: First of all, is this a competitive or average price for this truck? It's hard to determine since it's the only diesel LC I've seen for sale. Also, what questions should I ask the owner? Thanks guys, I posted the listing below.

------ 1982 land cruiser bj60 diesel 5 speeds -----
Seems like the rig and seller are high. No milage? if in good shape with under 200K, then $6000.

But it's not cal legal, so I'm not sure what would be needed.
Price is at least 2x too high. Take a look at the frame under the back by the spare tire to see what kind of rust is going on. Ask why it's not titled in California.
FYI, it has been on CL for quite a while. Research what it takes to get an '82 factory diesel titled in CA before you go any further. it might be easy, and not require smog, or it might be tricky. But chances are that there's a reason the current owner never titled it here.
Thanks for the responses guys... I tried calling the number but it went to his VM. I'm assuming he's selling it because he couldn't get it titled in CA. Makes sense. Although, I'd assume it'd be easier getting an Oregon-registered car titled in CA than a car registered in Canada. I've heard the horrendous stories of people trying that route. Oh, well. I guess I'll have to just forget about diesel and continue my search for a cherry 80 or 100 series. :cheers:
Way to high! There are a few reasons first it's not stock, so someone has done work to it. Is probably actually a fj60 with a diesel and 5speed added. Second if the seller is right and it's a "B" engine then it's not a 3B and isn't as good of a engine at all as the 3B biggest thing would be not having piston oil coolers/squirters.
Also the body looks rough hard to tell from the little pictures.

Just so you know the bj didn't get a 5speed till 84ish engender canadian ones.

Hey welcome to the forum! Dont rule out getting one from canada your self either. Don't worry be patient.
Yeah I have been trying to get a hold of the guy to see about coming down and looking at it. Never get anything other than voicemail and a terse "It's still for sale" email response. My thought is that he is "trying" to sell it to sate someone or something but not trying very hard. It has been at that price for at least 6 months. I would say pass unless you are close and know where it is so you can go knock on his door.

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