Found a great source for Mobil1 M1 oil filters.

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Jan 9, 2009
I was looking for the cheapest place to buy one of these for my DD and came across this site on the 3rd page of google results. with Mobil 1 oil filters and Fram oil filters

I bought a case of 12. Cheap! Comes to about $7.86 each, shipped! They are $12.99 each at Autozone.

I have no affiliation with this place, sounds like once they sell what they have, they are gone.

I was actually buying them for my diesel, the M1-601.
No shipping to Canada...
At the risk of violating the forum's rules, my buddy and I own filterdump and we now sell them as singles on

AlexJet, amazon might ship them to you in CA.

And for the record I have a '95 FJ80 and wife drives an '06 FJ100. Plus two of the tupperware early 90's Jeep Wranglers with the Renegade package: blame the wife for those. :D

Links below are not to my Filterdump website, I just use 'em for reference.

The standard Wix/Napa filter for a 2f is the 1515

The equivalent Mobil 1 filter I would sell is the M1-301. (please buy some, I have about 3,900 of 'em)

There are two larger filters with a similar base the 1641, and the 1773. Only the 1773 has the same pressure rating for the bypass valve, AND anti-drainback valve as the 1515.

The the 1773 is about the same outside diameter as the 1515, but 1.8 inches longer. The nominal micron rating on the 1515 is lower, FWIW.

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