found a 45lv in the woods today - post up if you want parts

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Mar 27, 2003
north of 49
so I found a 45lv abandoned in the woods near our family cabin today. very weird as it is under 1km from the cabin and I’ve never seen it before in 19 years coming here but it’s been there a while. it is complete and parts of the body, trim and interior are surprisingly good but it has no floors on one side and lots of rust in some places plus no windows anywhere. it is in a very old unofficial boneyard area so nobody owns her and i'm confident i can remove anything off it.

I will post photos I took when I get back to town, but for now if there are any hard parts to find that are easy to pull post up and I’ll try to pull them if there because I won’t be back here for a few months (tips on how to pull and what tools to use appreciated since I don’t plan on humping my cabin tool box up there). I’d also like to know where to look for a vin plate because I could not see one, and any tips to figure out the year.

I don’t know much about 45lvs but it has a light blue interior with bench seats that actually aren’t that bad. white on brown. there is an intact diamond tuft brown headliner and it has bolt on visible crossmembers in the roof under the headliner which I think from reading buckoreseau’s thread means it is a true canadian truck. the dash has original stickers and knobs. interior door panels are more or less good. it has a heater with a denso sticker on it and there is some kind of canvas thing behind the heater (I can’t open the driver door to see what it is). yellow front indicator lenses. rear big lenses busted, small round lenses still there. chrome looks ok. hood and grill part looks ok other than it says “yo”. it has a sbc conversion in the engine bay so not much there

anyway let me know if interested
Please put in line first for:

All 4 window handles
All 4 door handles
All 8 trim rings behind those handles.

Rear Bumper, if it has one??

Rear emblem on tailgate?

Rear tailgate handle.

Rear taillight assemblies, including gaskets. If the lenses are busted, ok, still would take if the assembly and rear gaskets are good, I have none.

All Rear seat mounting brackets and all hinges that hold it to the floor.

Upper window hatch sliding mech's, both sides.

Complete windshield wiper arms and wipers, left and right.

The rubber/plastic plugs that are in the interior below each vent window, 2 per side (4 total) if there intact?

Please let me know where to send $$?

Thanks, Matt
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As far as removal of those interior window cranks and door handles...I'm not exactly sure? I don't have any, but I would imagine it might be a screw or a retaining clip right behind the trim rings?

Rear emblem on the tailgate, should be 4 - 6mm studs inside the tailgate, 10mm wrench. You will have to remove the inner panel to access those studs, I would take the inner panel also if it's in good shape. The panel should be series of phillips screws.

Tailgate handle, series of 6mm studs on the inside again, have to undo some linkage's.

Taillight assemblies, remove inside curved cover in the rear corners, should be 6mm studs on the inside (10mm socket or wrench) I believe 3 studs per side.

All the rear seat brackets.....thinking 12 mm socket or wrench on all this, not sure, missing all of mine. Should be brackets on the seat and floor and some hinged stuff in between, all of it.

Sliding mechs on tailgate window, should be a phillips I believe?

Bumper might be more than you can handle with your tools, not sure? I don't have one, I imagine misc. brackets underneth on the the frame, sorry I'm now help there??

I know I'm asking a lot, but I need a lot :rolleyes:

Thanks a ton, Matt
Also the tailgate hinged retaining straps on each side, should be 2, left and a right. Held in by 2 phillip/8mm bolts on the tailgate and 2 on the body.

Thanks again, Matt
All 4 door retain straps and the hardware mounted to the door post and in the door.

Each retain mech should consist of a curved piece of round metal with a threaded end and a flat end. I mount held into the door post with 2 phillip 8 mm bolts and the rubber pieces and washer that are the bumpers in the door, all 4 please.

Thanks, again, Matt
If the heater is the round one, I'll take it :)

The small round reflectors under the taillights if they are there.

The triangle dome light on the B pillar

Hub caps

The rear view mirror

Sun visors

Grab bar above glove box

Any misc knobs/switches on the dash (map light, headlight, ignition, choke, throttle, wipers, 4WD, etc.)

Gas pedal

Horn relays


I tried to pick small items. If you feel like it, just fill up a small box with all the little parts you can find.

As far as tools needed, a set of metric sockets, phillips screw driver, and a set of open end wrenches should do it. There is a nut on the backside of the dash parts and then they will come out the front.
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If it has the vent that is between the windshield and the hood i will take the vent peice and all hardware used to open it.

What part of the world are you located? You said Canadain cruiser, so I am assuming Canada.

I am located about 9 miles south of the Manitoba border :)

Thanks, Matt
I need the ashtray on the back of the front seat. I know they're spoken for, but I can also use 1 window crank arm, and 1 interior door opener arm. Window crank arm broke last week while rolling up the front passenger window. s***e!
I'll take the interior door pulls, at least one anyways, Phillips needed. Also a vent window with hardware for the drivers side, also Phillips. Seat tracks for the front seat run on. Anything to do with the heater as mine doesn't have one and never did.
Any interior door pulls Charles (Cruiser_guy) doesn't want, I'll take :)

Thanks, Matt
Crap...I go out for a walk, come back and all the good stuff is accounted for.

So, I can help in one place. If you go to take off the window crank and door levers you will need a very skinny or thin phillips screw driver. basically you push a small spring loaded coupling back. This coupling is apart of the donut thing that is behind the crank. Once that is pushed back then you will see a small pin that needs to be pushed out. Once the pin is out the handle will fall right off. Last and final step is to dig around in the dirt for 1.5 hours to locate the pin that just hit the ground.

Thanks for doing this. Great story. Can't wait to see the pics.

buckroseau said:

As far as removal of those interior window cranks and door handles...I'm not exactly sure? I don't have any, but I would imagine it might be a screw or a retaining clip right behind the trim rings?

There is a spring pin going through the crank shaft and the backing plates are spring loaded. Push the backing plate in to access the pin and then drive the pin out with a small punch.
holy cow
i will need some time to digest all these requests and the pms. i do not have access to much in the way of tools here
-upper tailgate is a goner
-lowertailgate is and way beyond my means right now -- body parts are going to be very much as is if i get. i didn't see any accident damage but there is rust everywhere - this thing has been in the woods for years
-b pillar dome lights are not there
--no hub caps
-horn is an ac delco and it has a sbc so no carb
-ashtray in back of front bench was kind of wrecked.
-don't know if grab bar is there
-all the door handles wiper handles are there
-no glass anywhere - i could grab the rubber glass runs
-gas pedal is there i think
-heater is kind of a box/ cylinder and has lots of surface rust.
-most dash knobs are there not 100% sure what is original
-by tailgate handle do you mean the toyopet chrome handle thing? That is there but whatever went over it is gone.
-i expect the rear seat hardware is all there
-there was a coathook thing in the back above a window on one side if anyone wants
-no window slides i think
-rear discs are there and i will get. do you need assembly
-rear upper light assemblies there but lenses busted,
-nobody wants the yellow front indicator lenses?

will report in tomorrow
and ps, i don't want $ for any of this other than shipping but please do not ask for stuff you don't really need. i am on holiday here so i will lose brownie points for the time i spend up there.
Dang Semlin,

I do not need anything but just wanted to say this is very nice of you and thanks for doing this.
Semlin, I need just the drivers side vent window hardware even if the glass is gone. Specifically the small cast pivot on the top of the vent window. Inside door pulls as stated earlier and the front seat sliders. These are all parts I don't have at all. I'd take more but that wouldn't be fair to you or other folks on the board.
I'll pass on the heater as my truck doesn't have a spot for one now anyways.

The door pulls and the vent window pivot should both be removable with only a Phillips screwdriver. The seat slider will take some real tools.

And thanks for doing this!! If you need some non-USA parts that I can find here in Central America let me know.
I need any lenses around the truck... blinker/indicator, rear tail light lenses... how does the roof look? is it rusted through? Fenders?, bibs?... I too live close to canada (seattle)... which part are you out of?

Rear lenses an front lenses are all I really need that havent been spoken for... Need a roof and some fenders/bib's but only if Its close... your on vaca!

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