SOLD Fort Scott, KS: 1998 LX470 - no rust, low mileage, southern truck.

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX470
For sale: 1998 LX470 with 198,000 miles for sale, clean, no rust, originally from Louisiana. I am relocating due to work, that is primary reason for selling rig. Just made road trip from eastern Kansas to Moab, Utah and back without issue. There has been extensive maintenance done to vehicle within last year, as I planned to own it for a long period of time.

OEM timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt and front wheel bearings performed on 3-2-22
Fresh AHC fluid with King KTRS-79 rear springs (truck has sensor lift with torsion bar crank/alignment)

Items replaced by previous owner still within last year:
Spark plugs
Steering rack
Fluids throughout
Repaint passenger front and back door as well as front passenger fender (professionally-from hail damage)
Master cylinder
Front/rear brake pads
CV axles

The tires are 295/70r18 Cooper STT Pro with 40% tread left on Tundra wheels and Spidertrax 1.25" wheel spacers. Drives perfectly with fresh parts, priced to sell and move quickly at $12,000.

I can also text videos of truck starting and running on request.

*The sliders have been sold and are not on the truck and it does have a salvage title, from above mentioned hail damage. You can also note in pictures the 2nd row cup holders have broken a tab so it is being held together with straps at the moment. It will also come with custom Landcruiser floor mats, I removed them for the pictures only.

**MUD will only let me attach 5 photos, I have tons that I can text/send on messenger. I do my best to have prompt responses. My cell number is 620-215-1069.

Thank you.






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