For Sale Fort Mill, SC: 2005 LX470

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So I'm thinking of selling the 100 series (2005 LX470). I'm in the midst of a frame off 62 series restoration, and I've got my daily driver (08 Tundra Crewmax), so the LC is just sitting these days. To be honest, it's been my favorite vehicle of all time, but I simply don't use it enough to justify keeping it. Let me tell you about it first; I am pretty anal about maintenance on all my vehicles, I prefer to fix things before they become issues. So on this rig I've already done the timing belt job (all Aisin parts and Mitsuboshi belt). New water pump, tensioner, idler pulley at the same time, and of course used true Toyota coolant. I have also replaced the radiator (Denso part), radiator hoses and fan clutch. It runs at ~195 degrees on hot days. I've checked the AHC and it moves 9 marks from Hi to Lo. I have already bought 2 cans of AHC fluid in case a flush was needed, that will go with it. The heater Tee's have been swapped out with brass Tee's. The alternator was replaced this past year as well. The original big muffler had a small hole at the top under the heat shield, so I had a Thrush Hush installed. It's not loud, but gives a little deeper sound. Very pleasant to hear, IMO. All the leather inside has been given the Elephant Hide leather restorer treatment. That stuff is fantastic and has the leather nice and supple. No tears, anywhere, on the seats. The tires are Yokohama HTX's and have 40% left on them. I would imagine another 10K miles on them. They have worn very evenly and are very quite. The truck is very smooth, very quiet on the road and I wouldn't hesitate to drive it literally anywhere. I change the oil with synthetic every 3-5K miles. Also, it's never been smoked in either.

What I know it needs; sometimes the speedo is off my like 5 mph. I have a small android device running all the time that I gauge this off of as it shows GPS and ODB speeds at the same time (as well as coolant temp, trans temp, and other info). Torque shows those two speeds are within 1 mph of each other when sometimes the speedo is off by 5. If I run ethanol fuel in it I will always get a P0420 and/or P0430 code. This is from the downstream O2 sensors telling me the Catalytic converter isn't doing it's job well enough. I live in SC and we don't have smog tests so I just have Torque automatically clear the events. If I run non-ethanol fuel I get the code about once every month. The passenger side mirror motor doesn't work or work well and the steering column extension motor doesn't work at all. I never have had a need to move either. The seats move as they should, the mirrors open and close as they should, the antenna raises and lowers as it should.

It's a southern truck its whole life, the pics show there is no rust at all. It just rolled over 250K miles, but it runs and rides better than most anything out there. I love AHC, even my Mercedes buddy was jealous.

I hold a lien free and clear SC title. I'm asking $10,500.





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