Forget engine swaps I went with a new plan

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Feb 8, 2007
Clermont FL
OK, I have been picking peoples brain about a 60 I wanted to purchase with a blown head gasket... Then maybe doing an engine swap from my great running 62 with the less than perfect body. Then I came up with a different plan :idea: and to make a long story short I traveled 350 miles today to buy an '89 62 for my DD. It was owned by a DR. and then a toyota mechanic. The guy I bought it from spent all the money for the front end rebuild and gasket replacements etc... It made the trip home 175 miles cruising @ 65-70 MPH, AC blowing cold, tunes cranking on the freeway and in stop and go traffic. The best part was when I pulled in the driveway and there were no smells, leaks, explosions etc... I couldn't be happier with my purchase. :bounce: 176K miles, original white paint, laser straight body, super clean interior, and no (and I mean no) rust anywhere. I am in love and have found the cruiser I will have until the day they take my keys away. 1 big problem is my wife wants it. Oh and my other 62 will now be the hunting, fishing, camping mobile. :beer:
And people go on about that "New" car smell...I'll take a "New, to ME" Cruiser smell any day..enjoy..
Congrats on a great find!

Keep your wife happy first - gotta respect a women who loves a cruiser.

Build the other 62 to be a bomber weekend truck.

Two is a good start...

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