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Feb 8, 2016
Kansas City, Mo
I bought my 06 LC a couple years ago, and from day one, the steering wasn't quite right. I had a local Toyota dealerships check the alignment while they had it to perform a recall. I spoke with the technician who checked the alignment. He noted that one of the front wheels was a little off, and he did what he could to bring it into spec. If anything, the steering was worse after this visit, with the front end becoming a bit squirrelly.

I dropped of my LC at Wornall Automotive for 4 new tires yesterday (nothing fancy, just 4 highway tires; I have another set for the muck). My wife owns a local business that is being hit hard by the local "stay in place" order. Therefore, I can appreciate what local small businesses are going through and figured I might as well give my business to a local shop, especially since they were only $75 more for four tires installed relative to Discount Tire.

I also had them install two new front discs and repack the bearings while they had it. This is a job I have been meaning to do for a while now, but I have been extremely busy with work and couldn't risk having my LC being inoperable for several days, which inevitably would be the case if I found that additional parts needed to be replaced.

I spoke with the technician before he began working on my LC. He was an older gentleman that owns an older 4Runner. It was obvious he was familiar with 100 series, as he was the first to crack a joke about "having to dig out the fish scale from his tackle box."

I picked up my LC today, and it now drives PERFECTLY. I had too many parts replaced and adjustments performed to know with certainty what fixed the issues I was experiencing, but all of the following issues I was experiencing are no longer present: (1) very slight pull to one side; (2) squirrelly front end; (3) noticeable vibration at highway speed of the road surface was not perfectly smooth; (4) lower than expected MPG; and (5) slight brake surge during the last bit of slowing to a stop, i.e., from 7 mph to stop.

The main reason I am posting this is because it can be hard to find techs that are truly knowledgeable about our 100s. I can't say for certain that the tech who worked on my LC is such a person, but I definitely had that impression from speaking with him, and I am thoroughly happy with the results.
Jul 9, 2012
South KC
That’s good to hear. As most posts of shops, Any where including dealerships is they don’t know what they are doing.

I work on my own and sometimes work on others cruiser’s. What’s typically is missed is passion. Harder and harder to find in many shops as the bottom dollar faster more efficient and middle men collecting instead of the one doing the work and making the difference.

wheel bearing health and torque is becoming a lost art, as the cheaper to produce less reliable unit bearing has taken over production.

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