For you 74 series guys...

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Nice set-up, Great for winter or the monsoon season
I like it. Similar to the Earthroamer XV-JP, a compact capable mini RV. I wonder what the import laws are on campers.
looks cool but i wonder how practicle it would be...
I looked at some German camper bodies for Landcruisers and Hilux at the last caravan and camping show.
They try to fit too much into them. You cant have a shower,toilet ,double bed and gourmet kitchen on a 6'x8' tray:D

I did notice in the Cruiser Connection site that the 76 is availabe with rear side facing seats.AFAIK thats not available here,but Im pleased to see Toyta Australia retained the forward facing rear seat for the troopy.
I thought they may hvae dumped it when the 76 was introduced.

Wot no seat belts!

Holy crap, though seriously if you want a camper for 4WDing you might as well get a PC camper

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