? for Woody (and others) re: suspension

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Jun 22, 2003
I read Woody's article re: the SkyJacker suspension. And I am close to buying a 4" lift soon. My question is:

For someone who doesn't do that much rock crawling, is the Skyjacker suspension okay to do without modification? It seems that I probably won't be fully compressing the springs that often if at all. Also, did your mod improve the smoothness of your ride on the paved road?


Re: ? for Woody (and others) suspension

the shackle angle change does improve your road ride some, and IMO is worth the effort since yer in there anyways. I'ms easy to do with the springs out, I did mine with the springs installed and it was cumbersome.

Either way you'll like it...and just cause you don't do "much" craweling doesn't mean those springs won't compress during trail rides!

(yer kidneys will thank you)
Re: ? for Woody (and others) suspension

Thanks! That's exactly what I wanted to know. As a follow-up, was your mod just for the rear springs?

Re: ? for Woody (and others) suspension

I only did the rear since I had a shackle reversal kit on the front and the angle was acceptable there. Honestly, it should help the front too, but not sure what all would be required.

(sounds like you outta do a writeup when your is in progress! lol)
Re: ? for Woody (and others) suspension

gracias! appreciate the info.

If I'm able to rally some help with this mod, I'll do the rear and put some thought into doing the front.


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