For the love of all that is holy, please help me

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Nov 18, 2010
Benton, Louisiana
I've got an 88 FJ62 with 298,000 miles on it. Here recently it left me stranded twice on the side of the road. It started coughing and back firing when I hit the gas then it totally died. Wouldn't start back up. So starting with easy cheap parts first, I replace the original fuel filter. It started right up and drove without any hiccups at all! The old filter was pretty bad, couldn't blow through it. About a week or two later, it died again with the same symptoms. Well, I started to figure it may be the fuel pump. I bought some starting fluid and when I took the air cleaner loose, just to spray the fluid, I though, maybe I should try to start it up first. It fired right up an I drove it around the yard. That afternoon, I went to move it, wouldn't start. I'm reading all kinds of could be this or it could be that but I don't believe I'm the only one who's delt with this issue. Please help!! Thanks.
I would probably start with a fuel pressure test both when it runs and when it will not run. You may have intermittent fueling because of a bad pump or bad regulator.

You can easily test the regulator by partially pinching the fuel return line and you can eliminate much of the fuel pump circuitry by jumping the connections in the diagnostic port. Try those the next time it won't run for a good field doagnostic test
Wat he saez.
Could be more poo. Check fuel flow. Might have unleashed a tsunami of crud from the tank and need yet another filter.
These potential problem will cause backfiring too?
Fuel injected. Exhaust backfire. I removed the catalytic converters years ago
Typically exhaust backfire is a running rich issue. Is it running at all? Is it still starting on ether but not on its own?
I got in I yesterday and it fired right up with no problems. I let it run for about 5 minutes, turned it off, tried to start it again and nothing. Just cranks. I tried te ether but the mass air
Flow sensor blocks it. Haha. I haven't really given it a great try with the ether. Can I pull the air filter hose off and spay it directly j to the throttle body?
Lets start over. Replaced fuel filter, ran for a bit. Do you have fuel at the engine with the key on, engine off? Im guessing no cel on?
The only thing i have had time to check was the fuel filter under the hood on the fender and replaced it. That's as far as I've gotten only because I work quite a bit. Not a lot of spare time. I was gonna drop the tank this weekend but if I don't have to I wont. That's teally why I posted. To see if someone had the same issue and could lead me to the part(s) to replace. I've noticed that most of these old rigs usually have the same failing parts causing the same issues.
Ok. I'm in the same boat on time. Working two jobs sucks. you should be able to hear the fuel pump kick on when you turn the key to run not start. That's one place to check. Next is see if fuel is coming out of the engine side of the filter. Actually you could do that first and rule out the pump if fuel is pumping out. Then at least you'll know if you are in for a tank drop.
When I replaced the filter, one of the metal washers was kinda cockeyed and when I started it up, fuel was sprayin all over the place. Haha. So I'll take loose the engine side and see what I get. It's funny, as I'm talking to you, my wife called and said said someone stopped by wanting to buy my cruiser. It may not run but I'll be damned if I'll sell it. Haha
Ok, good news, somewhat. Just loosened the engine side of the fuel filter. Turned the engine I've and gas shot out everywhere. Now what? Pressure regulator? A couple years ago I replaced the throttle position sensor.
Do you have any fuel coming out the exhaust? I had a similar problem and had fuel coming out the exhaust. Took me forever but as it turned out I had a bad o2 sensor that was demanding more fuel. Changed it out and all was good again.
Well fuel is good. At least to that point. Just for s and g's, when was the last time you did plugs?
No fuel coming out of the tail pipe. I've been working a ton lately and haven't gotten a chances in hanged the plugs and wires yet. Gonna change plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor and we'll see what happens
Ok, I've replaced the plugs and correct gap, plug wires, rotor and coil. It ran fine, fired up right off the bat and now I'm sitting on the side of the road again. Same symptoms. Loss of power, back fire through exgaust and died

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