For Sale: Mobi-Arc Welder with Alternator Portable Welder

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Jul 3, 2007
United States
For Sale is a Mobi-Arc On Board Welder for a Car, Truck and SUV. Comes with 15 foot cables, Alternator, Underhood Box, All Install Wiring/Hardware plus step by step installation instructions. Never has been installed of out of the box except to take these photos. Comes with a Delco CS130-D alternator totally modified by Mobi-Arc. This is a turn key mobile welding system with step by step instructions on how to install it. This mobile welder will weld what you need.....when you need it. I won it in a raffle and never installed it. Go to for more information.
Will sell to Folks on mud for $750 or bid to win.
Mobi-Arc Welder Mobile Welding Kit with Alternator | eBay
SEND A PM OR EMAIL!!!! This posting is 10 MONTHS OLD for god's sake!!!!

I know .. replying here it's the same .. if he had any mail registered in the forum, he will receive one updating with my post, as same as it would happen with PM

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