***FOR SALE*** Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern

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Peter Pan Syndrome
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Mar 10, 2004
Scottsdale Arizona
Smokin Deal! - For CSC members

I just bough out the inventory on these Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern.

The last lantern you will need to buy!

No batteries to replace

Hand crank to charge if powers not available

Very light and durable

Large stash compartment in the bottom for :censor:

•Perfect for camping, emergencies, and around the house
•Lantern mode and alert mode
•Charge time of 4 hours
•Run time of 6 hours
•Charges by AC, DC, and crank
•USB output port to charge handheld devices
•Easy to hang

Limited supply

LCP priced at $25.25

GOAL ZERO Lighthouse Lantern

GOAL ZERO: Lighthouse Lantern - YouTube
How many do you have? I would like 1, possibly 2.
Goal Zero Lantern

Hey Phil, please put me down for one. Thanks, Terry
I'll take 4 (four), can pay at the meeting or PayPal if you want the $$ sooner.

Hey, LCPhil, please put me down for two, and I'll plan to pick up at the monthly meeting. I pay in $$$, unless you won't be at the meeting, in which case well figure something else out. Thanks for sharing your good fortune with the club!
Phil, Put me down for 1.....
What's best way to make the exchange? I am in n. Phoenix, so can meet up or whatever. Won't be able to make the meet.
Just returned from a weekend of Goal Zero product testing:D

I need to find who from Phoenix is going down for the Tucson meet. PM if thats you.

The lantern is great I don't foresee any disappointments

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