for sale: beadlocks, 6 bolt 15 inch

Jan 28, 2007
1993 land cruiser in rapid city South Dakota
4 beadlocks
toyota, chevy, nissan 6 bolt chrome rims. 15 inch 10 inch wide.
with bolts and washers



humm pictures to big..

can be seen here.

also a freezer for sale.

sears 15 cubic ft chest type deep freeze:

old, but in nice shape, I could not find a year on it.
my wife wanted a new up right one. So we bought one the other day.
so this one works well, never had any problems. seal is good. never defrosted it unless we were moving maybe a few lines of frost where the cooling lines run, but not more then an inch after 3 years this time.
pm me or call me.
in rapid city.


23 inch wide
30 inches deep
38.5 inches long

with a shelf thing that the compressor sits under on the right side that is
11 inches high by 10 inches wide.
this are inside measurements

out side it is
27.5 inches wide (from wall)
43 inches long
36 inches high

this is a cool deal, you can amaze your friends, save a snow ball till the middle of summer.
imagine having your own 15 cubic feet of micro climate.
be popular, you can keep lots of ice cream in it.
preserve food for extended periods, save money by buying in bulk.

no room in that little refrigerator freezer for the elk that you just shot. no problem for the genuine vintage sears freezer.

get this freezer now. so you can start saving and be popular at the same time.
all this can be yours in a single package.
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