For sale (again) - Miller Diversion 165 TIG Welder

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Apr 13, 2011
I bought this from Mike, original ad and details, pics etc here:

Unfortunately my welding and fabrication empire has to take a back seat to other priorities for the foreseeable future, so instead of sitting unused until next year I may as well free up some cash by putting it back up for sale.

Cart not included, though I can't recall if I rented or bought my argon bottle which is still full, so that is negotiable after I check with Air Liquide...
$1200. I also have a full bottle too that isn't part of the figure but is available as well, I think am renting it so effectively if anyone want some gas at a bit of a discount without having to pay for another bottle, I'll take it back when empty
It's a great machine for the price!

To help the sale, I'll actually give the person who buys it a demo/lesson on how to use it and some basic TIG instruction.... Lower Mainland only! lol


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