for sale: 89 FJ62 with blown engine

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nice FJ60

That is a very good looking rig. What kind of mileage does it get? I live in Montana and I sometimes travel pretty far and need something that can handle the winters as well as go pretty far on a gallon of gas.
Sounds like the one GTOMazz is selling a few posts up (1978 for $1500 in PA) would be perfect for you.
Thanks for the great truck! Needed a rig to take to the Baja and this one will be ready to go in a month! THanks again
You need fuel injection and a V8!

This thing would be great in Montana.

Cold winters definitely need fuel injection. My truck starts right up whether it is freezing in Lake Tahoe or 110 in Arizona. No more pumping the pedal and hoping the carb doesn't flood or starve the engine.

The mileage is around 14-15mpg...definitely an improvement over my tired 6-cylinder that I removed.

Also, if you have any grades in your area you will apreciate the power. I used to be in the slow lane on the freeway when I was headed up I-80 to lake Tahoe. I would get passed by 18-wheelers with my 6-cylinder. Now I'm in the fast lane all the way. It's not a race car by any means, but these things really need more power than the stock set-up can deliver.

Let me know if you have more questions.
Yotamota, I have a '65 fj-40 for sale in Tucson, Az. see an ad in the copper state thread, 2nd or third page. Thanks for looking, Earl
I have a 74 FJ40 that comes with 1987 FJ60 axles that I might be willing to sell. PM me we can talk.
I still have the FJ40. Here is the link and some pics below.

74' FJ40 For Sale in Denver

I tried this over on the pirate board awhile back but I figure there's more interest here so.....12/74 FJ40 w/

358 chevy w/early holley pro-jection
stk 4-spd w/ranger 2-spd overdrive and stk t-case
saginaw power steering
shackle reversal w/frnt axle moved 1.5" forward
76' frnt axle,open w/4.10
stk rear axle,eazy locker w/4.10
approx 5" of lift(SUA)
33" BFG muds (could easily fit 35's)
autometer gauges (fuel gauge reads backwards, needs a 0-90 ohm sender)
3 tops


As stated the cruiser is in Denver however I'm in Sacto. I'm trying to sell it there so I don't have to drag it out here(so yes that means I'm flexible on price.) If you are local to the area I can give you directions or the #of my friend who is storing it for me. I DO have PICS if your serious! Overall this cruiser is in fair shape, paint is faded(imagine that!) and it does have some rust on the left rear quarter and some minor surface rust in the bed area and various places on the outside. I will not be checking this forum that often so e-mail or call me with questions. Thanks for looking. :beer:

Corey (916)216-3895
There's a FJ55 near me in Southern California, but it's got a 12in hole in the roof and hasn't been registered in several years. I'm told it runs well and has a Weber carb on it. The year is 76 I believe. Wierd "divorce forces sale" situation. I passed because of the registration probs in calif. for a 76 and cost to re-register with back fees due. Easier for me to bring in a rig from another state.

PM me if you're interested, I'll get you the owner's contact info.
Hey I dont know if youve got your heart set on a diesel or a manual tranny,but i have a 88 FJ62 with no rust in exellent shape ( exept for 1 dent) it gets 14-15 mpg and will easilly do 80mph with the stock setup. FJ62'S have more HP than FJ60's and the automatic transmission really helps you maintain the highway speeds bieng able to shift from D (overdrive ) to 3 on any inclines.
I would let her go for 12000 and could meet you somewhere possibly in between us
check out my post at
A few questions. . .

Is it legal to drive?

Would you trust it from there to WV?

How are the body mounts?

Do the gauges work?

I'm going to be travelling most of this week. . .how long would you be able to hold on to it?

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