For sale 2002 lx 470

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United States

Yes i am selling my LX 470. Economy took a bad turn and i have to downsize to just 1 car.

This is a very clean LX 470 with all maintenance done.
It has 93k Miles.
Timing belt , seals, water pump just changed at 92k miles, differential fluid flushed, tranny fluid flushed . New brakes and rotors, Exhaust manifold replaced. New michelin tires few weeks old.
Mark levinson system,
DVD, Navi
So everything maintenance has been done.
It needs NOTHING.
I appreciate your help if you know anyone interested in a well kept clean lx 470
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Price? Location? Pictures?

The usual stuff that goes in an ad?
I sent an email but it was refused. Can you post pics here or try sending them to me at :

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