For Sale For Sale: 1999 Land Cruiser 125K M, $12000

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United States
Going to keep the post short, b/c most buyers here will know what I've got. For sale, white/silver (two tone), brush guard, tail light cages, fender flares (oem), billet grill, all weather mats, excellent condition. Serviced at dealership. I'm second owner, but bought from a friend in 2002. Timing belt done at 100K. New shocks and Battery 5K ago. In Dallas. $1200. Text 214-797-1001. Will post pictures soon, or I can email them.
What tires? Rear locker and rear A/C?
Do you have both remote keys?
Current photo's

Ignore the duct tape. :) Car wash tapes grills. I forgot to pull off before pic.
Good looking truck wish I was in a position to jump on this!!! GLWS!!!

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