FOR SALE >>> 1993 FZJ80 <<< (located in San Diego, CA)

Discussion in 'FJ80 | FZJ80 | LX450 | HDJ81' started by allen_ajones, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. allen_ajones


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    Oct 27, 2003
    Factory lockers, white w/ grey cloth interior, A/C, sunroof, alloy wheels, 3rd row seat, automatic transmission, privacy glass, 138K miles, knuckle rebuild kit done and front axle inner and outer wheel bearings replaced at 93K miles.

    - Birfields worn...probably need rebuilding or replacement
    - leaks a little oil, rear main oil seal (~ $600 ) or oil pan seal needs to be replaced. What do you expect from a 10 yr. old truck. It's about time to replace these things.

    - original springs but 4 Monroe replacement shocks intalled a year ago.

    - compression good

    - powerful aftermarket sound system installed

    - Husky rear cargo area mat.

    - located in San Diego, CA specifically in Pacific Beach.

    - $11,000 negotiable.
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