For Sale 1986 HJ60 4.0 l diesel

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United States
It's causing physical hurt and mental anguish, but with as many (young and reckless) drivers as vehicles in my family the insurance is killing me.

So I'm putting up for sale, located near Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1986 Landcruiser HJ60
4.0 l 2H diesel engine
472,000 km

Asking $1750

Mostly stock, except for the 31" tires.

It leaks a bit of oil, and the body obviously needs work, but all holes have been patched to keep dirt and snow out.

It starts and runs, but I haven't taken it outside of town in a long while.
It's currently not in daily use, but I take it on a short spin every two weeks or so the keeps the juices going and everything lubricated.


Oh I forgot, the windshield shows its age (cracked and pitted), but I have a new/barely used (I really don't know which) windshield that has no cracks or pits that is part of the deal.

Hi there. I am in Canmore and I'm interested in your truck. Do you have any more photos of the truck? Do you think it would pass an inspection?
Let's try this: Landcruiser?sort=3&page=1
This should take you to an album of photos.

Would it pass inspection? The last inspection I witnessed was when I bought this truck nine years ago. The holes above the wheel wells were described as 'minor rust' at the time. :)

The frame looks solid to me, there are no holes in it, or rust damage that would cause structural problems (in my layman's opinion).The truck runs, the brakes function, all the lights work, the body has no visible holes. There are some oil leaks but nothing major.

But I'm not the inspector...

Why does all the good stuff have to be in canada!
What turdzoplenty said... thanks everybody for your interest.

I'll try not to get emotional when she goes...


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