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Sounds good to me. A little more variety close to home and a good cause.
Oak Ridge is an awesome place, I helped cut trails in there back in the early 2000's, I like the idea of a club trip.

Note the details... limited to the first 200 vehicles to register. See red block below. Hope it's not to late. Deadline is March 26 or when sold out.

Has anyone registered for this yet?
In. I’ll register as soon as we get a few yays, and then let it snowball from there. Not much reason we shouldn’t scrape up a bunch of members for this. Don’t like the sound of mandatory 8:00 am meetings though!
We got 3 in.
Ya the 8:00am thing sucks. Have not had great luck with guided tours.
I'm semi-in, does that help?
Just looked at the dates and I’m out.
What do you have going on that weekend Bob? Can’t you postpone your colonoscopy and wheel with us, or are you cleaning your sock drawer? Ok let’s hear from a few more regulars and start registering this weekend.
We have another thread proposing the Carolina relic run which is also interesting too and the same weekend. I guess we need to make a decision either way and not divvy up the troops. I’m going somewhere that weekend.
I'd rather do the closer trip.
I'm out of the country until the 25th. That might not leave enough time and energy for this old man to get my $hit together.
I'll register tomorrow.

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