Follow my '78 FJ40 rebuild

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Jul 19, 2007
Point Washington, FL
I started this a few weeks ago when I picked up my FJ40. I was hesitant to link to it from MUD at first because I wanted to figure out the blog interface, and wanted to make sure I could make enough progress to keep it interesting to read.

Anyway, here is my 1978 Landcruiser Build. If you want to start from the beginning, go back to February and read from the bottom.

Bookmark it if you want to follow my progress.

Comments, suggestions, and how-to tips are welcome!

Nice job on the blog AND the '40.....keep it up:beer:

So it is not just the New Zealand climate/sun that turns ball joint rubber to jelly!

Nice work Adam.

Always good to see another 40 landing in good hands too.


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