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I'm not in snow country, but do you run your air conditioner when you defrost your windshield?
Yes, I live in snow and rain country. Not so much the windshield as the other windows, especially in the cargo area, don't clear well. My AC is not hooked up, but that's an excellent suggestion. Check for leaks too, they're not uncommon. Finally, get rid of the carpet in the passenger areas, or cover it with rubber of some kind.
The longer i go into winter the worse it gets. Mine is from the excessive moister brought into the rig over time. snow comes in and melts. at night it freezes. in the day it thaws and moisture is sent to my windows. I pull my carpet out once or twice a year to rid the moisture. Deep lug rubber matts are key for winter driving as it hold the water and can be easily dumpped out at the end of the day.
i occasionally will put the dry air basket things in the truck to pull excess moisture out. White pellets absorb moisture and drip into pan. Dump occasionally and I do it when it rains a lot or just when i feel like it. Occasional use is OK, a bit of a pain to make sure they don't tip while driving - that somewhat defeats the purpose! Helps me.



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