FOB / Key Options


Dec 15, 2003
Did a search and found random results that don't really answer my question directly.

Basically, added another 100 (1998) to the family over the weekend. It came with a FOB that unlocks but doesn't lock (it has the common broken plastic in the screw area as well and doesn't stay together). So, it's JUST the FOB and no key attached.

Also, it only came with one key - it's not the valet key because it locks / unlocks the glove compartment. It does NOT have an attached FOB though.

Question: Without going to my dealer and doing the super-expensive re-program / creating new FOBs or just getting another key made / programmed there (FOB-less but still in the $80 range) what have some other folks on here done?

My 2000 100 series came with two FOBs / keys and a valet key. I'd like to have at least one FOB / key that works for the 98 and another spare.

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