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Apr 4, 2009
Jackson Wyoming
Hey all,
This morning I took my neighbor up on her offer and bought her 1983 FJ60 for $500. It is Beige and has 149k on the odometer. I guess I am in.....haha. :beer:GLad you all are around to help me....My son has a 1988 FJ62 with 218k on it and it has been fun to dirve from time to time. I live in Jackson wyoming where we have lots of places for 4wheelin fun. The rig has not been started in about 11months and has been outside. It ran well last summer. Battery is in the garage getting a charge and I will attempt to get it started tomorrow.:steer:
Been a while since I played with a carbureator and I am looking forward to it. Last time it ran she said it had a hard time staying running and she needed to keep playing with the gas and choke to keep it running....:bang:...I figure the carb is a good place to start.....unless some of you more expereinced folks have a better idea......I will keep you posted. Thanks in advance for all your past contributions to the forum so noobs like me can become addicts like you......:D..I am an engineer by trade and a fair shade tree mechanic so I plan on posting my 2 cents in the future.....:banana:
Yup - very good buy with that mileage and IF there's not too much rust ..

Carb is a good starting place.

Welcome to MUD and don't hesitate to ask away!

You may want to change the oil (if you weren't planning on it) before you try and fire her up.
welcome! :flipoff2:

like spike said - fluids are a good start. You might also change cap, rotor, wires, fuel and air filters...

if the gas has sat a long time, i'd either dump it (use in your lawnmower), or depending how much is in the tank - maybe add some premium and heet, or seafoam. Speaking of seafoam - try running it through the carb to see if it helps (before you change the oil, or plugs). Simple step by step instructions are here somewehre -try a quick search in the 60's forum.

Nice score - pics?!?

My neighbor has a Saturn and he couldn't give ME $500 to take it. Congrats on the low start up costs! Pictures prove the puddin! I'll be tossing on my OME lift manana so good luck in your wrenching! :flipoff2:
Welcome! Nice score for $500 (pending pics of course;)). Be ready to chase some vacuum leaks. Good luck and let us all know how it goes.

I would love to be chasing some vacum leaks but I cannot get it to run for more than a few seconds by feathering the gas pedal?!! visual on the myriad of hoses is good no obvious leakers but reall can't tell unless its running.....so how do I get it to stay running? Ideas? Suggestions?
Nice score!
x2 on what Butt said about vac hoses, I would just replace em all even if they look good
Be careful when taking them off anything plastic
the plastic tends to break easily...don't ask me how I know:rolleyes:
Congrats on a cheap score.
Toyota makes an emmisions manual for the 60 which is somewhat of a necessity if you have the stock system for chasing down vacuum lines.
Probably needs the carb rebuilt as well if it never has been done.
My carb was jacked when I bought my 60 with 38,000 miles back in 90.
Run some carb cleaner or something through it, even with some vacuum leaks you should be able to get it to run, roughly, then start chasing everything else.
If it won't run, even w/ feathering the accelerator pedal, then the accelerator pump is probably inop.

Have your helper pump the gas pedal while you watch down the throat of the carb. There should be a stream of gas shooting into the primary barrel (closest to valve cover). If there is gas in carb (showing on sight glass) but no AP discharge, then the carb needs rebuilt.
I'M the son and my 88 cruiser is like 30X cooler than his mud colored shagin wagon. Plus my cruiser outlasted his BMW OH YEAH WOOOOOOOOOOOO
another pass at it...

Thanks for all the encouragment. my apologies for valleyboy.....while he does own the 88 he has yet to obtain a drivers license...a classic overachiever like his dad...:doh:.

I got her to run today. But olny after I held my hand over the carb throat. So high rpm portion of the carb is fine but the slow speed jet? is probably clogged. Any carb heads have any other suggestions I am open. My short term goal is to get it to run so I can dirvie it a bit and assess what I have on hand and set my $$$ priorities as it were. Turn signal switch is inoperative also....anyone ever fix one?

Thanks again....:popcorn:
I happen to like MUD colored shaggin wagons...


By trapper50cal at 2009-03-27

and for reference sake, if they have black accesories, they are considered Black & Tans.

Great score BTW, Teton. You'll be doing all the work the rest of us have to do but starting at $500 is a great jump out of the gates!

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