flywheel damage ?

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Apr 20, 2010
I started the truck and the starter stayed engaged and was howling and rattling.My daughter said this was not the fist time she has had the same thing happen to her. How many times or how long I'm not sure.
Turned off the truck and it wont start, but the power does drop when the key is turned. When I popped the hood the starter was smokin a little but smelled bad so, I have a new starter on its way. Until today when it starts, it starts smooth no odd noise or any issues. But my concern is fly wheel damage! It was a really bad sound. I have not taken anything apart but how likely is it? I will be in it on friday what should I look for besides missing teeth or worn down edge or ??????? how bad can it be?

Thanks or the help

Thats about all you can do. Just roll the engine over and look for tooth damage. If the ring gear is ok then you should be fine with a new starter.
Wow it looks great I cant believe it was not damaged. I'm sure this is a stupid question but the" inspection door " needs to be shut right........ it was open until I shut it. (the little door that swings counter clockwise ) about one o'clock from starter?
Problem was a faulty starter solinoid. Will be solved with new starter.
You had a problem and it went away. Think it will come back at just the wrong time?
The starter bendix might be gummed up or your start solenoid could be sticking.
I have seen this a few times and normally no damage. So your going to replace the starter?
The new starter is in the old was dead.. It was stuck for sure, the fly wheel stripped it out. I don't think it will happen again, but i did shut the inspection door it's odd it was open. Just hoping someone can confirm this.{ Door is to remain shut during operation} Anyone..........Anyone
Yeh keep it closed it keeps trail crap out.

My starter is doing the ame thing, rattling and making racket while running. So, I should try to clean it up before buying another? Where is the best place to buy at?
the flywheel can take a beating.
but it can get a tooth busted or ground off from a bad starter if left go long enough.

have not had the tin cover on the bottom of my bell housing for years.
anything that gets in comes right out.

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