Flushing hot water heaters/mineral buildup

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Aug 2, 2004
San Francisco Bay Area
I have been flushing my gas hot water heater about every year since we have hard water in the area. Usually after I flush it the popping sound goes way since a lot of minerals at the bottom get flushed out. Last week I flushed it and that night after using a lot of hot water it was popping about the same as before the flush.

I am thinking now I need to try some apple cider vinegar or something to dissolve the buildup in the bottom of the tank.

Anyone done this and what did you use? Any ideas?
Flushing the tank will only clear the area near the drain. The mineral build up is all across the bottom of the tank and coating the chimney tube where it goes through the tank. Your hearing the the water boiling againt the tank because the mineral is insulating from the water. When you flushed it did you get a good flow from the hose? If there was a good flow then the drain wasn't clogged and about the only thing you can do is try to flush is with something to remove the calcium or live with it. I have flushed heaters with an acid solution to clean it but it will shorten the life of the heater about as much as leaving the buildup

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