Fluid Film smoke

Sep 28, 2020
I had my undercarriage sprayed a week or so ago. First time using it. The shop used a lot. It didn’t drip that much at all after, and I drove it 300 miles the next day, no problem without any burn off from exhaust or anywhere else.

But now it seems to be dripping a bit more in different places, and I noticed some light smoke coming from the right front wheel well yesterday. It’s fairly transparent smoke, light and white ish almost like evap. I took it to my mechanic who I’d just left, and he couldn’t diagnose anything wrong. He said it was probably just burn off from the FF, which admittedly was overdone.

I don’t understand why this is happening now, 10 days later and having driven 300+ highway miles, which makes me think it’s something else. The temp is warmer, in the 70s this week but I can’t see that having a huge effect in terms of making the drip worse or having it creep in places it wasn’t before.

Any thoughts are appreciated for those with FF experience. Thanks.
Dec 8, 2006
New Jersey
FF has a very distinctive smell when it burns off the exhaust. It usually takes several drives to get it to stop smoking.
The areas above the exhaust will heat up and the excess will drip down. Fairly normal, especially for a good coating.

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